What is the XPR Network Governance Dashboard?

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The XPR Network Governance Dashboard is an essential tool for individuals and organizations interested in participating in the decision-making process on the XPR Network.
The dashboard provides users with real-time data on network proposals, voting statistics, and referendum outcomes, allowing for greater transparency and accountability in governance of organisations.
The XPR Network Governance Dashboard provides a user-friendly interface and a range of comprehensive features, making it a valuable tool for organizations operating on the XPR Network. By leveraging the dashboard, organizations can engage with their communities, receive valuable feedback, and shape the future direction of their organization.

What features does the XPR Network Governance Dashboard offer?

  • Free Usage: create a community, and take part in an organization's governance without fees. Note: communities could set fees to submit proposals.
  • Gasless Voting: The execution of voting transactions does not require any payment or fees.
  • Verifiable Votes: All votes cast on the platform are visible on the respective proposal pages and can be verified on the blockchain using XPR Network @names.
  • Multiple Voting Systems: XPR Network Governance Dashboard offers a variety of versatile voting systems.
  • Flexible Voting Strategies: Communities can add multiple strategies to meet specific needs and preferences.
  • Discussions: Users can leave comments on proposals to share their thoughts and feedback.
  • Custom Branding: Communities have the option to upload their own logo and add links to their community page, giving them the ability to personalize their community's presence on the platform. (Upcoming feature)

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